zaterdag 24 juli 2010

Tattoo Uke

1. Rick Russo's Ukulele Lady Tattoo
2. Hello Jodi's Uke Bug Tattoo
3. onbekend
4. Uke Jackson's Ukulele playing Frog Tattoo
5. Derek Gabbards's Flaming Ukulele Tattoo
6. Tattoo by Sunny Buick
7. Joe Zane's Uke Tattoo
8.Ami Worthen's Tattoo (The Mad Tea Party)
9. onbekend
10. Daniella's (from Michigan) Tattoo
11. & 12. Tattoo's by Sunny Buick

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey Shelley, just came accross this post, nice collection! Number 11, that's ME!!! :) xx

  2. Sunny Buick?!
    Cooool! I'm not the tattoo type but if i were, you would do it.
    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL work!

  3. Wait a sec... I just realized that you are the tatoo-ee and not the tattoo-er. Great tattoo. Sunny Buick is amazing!

  4. Hi Shelley! I came accross this ages back didn't realise you anwered even (I never check that email address) and that I didn't even sign this properly... Nora in Dublin :) PS: Sunny Buick's work is amazing yes! Have fun in Wukulele!!!! xxx